Consequences of Complacency


People typically reach out to me because they are looking for some sort of change in their life.  They are looking for a change of scenery, a new job or career, a change in relationship, or a change in routine.  However, it isn’t always as easy as it seems to work towards change.  Something tends to hold people back from doing something different, taking action, and living a life they are truly happy with.  Fear of failure, rejection, and the unknown are a few of these reasons that can stand in the way if you allow them to.  As a result, you become complacent with your current lifestyle and the consequences can be feeling stuck and unhappy.  You may feel like you are just going through the motions each day and not feeling fulfilled.

Comfort Zone

Everyone has a comfort zone.  You may feel most comfortable at home in your living room, either alone or with your family watching Netflix.  Or you may remain at a job for an extended period of time that is causing you a great deal of stress.  Both of these examples are circumstances that are simple, easy, and safe for you.  It is what you know and are comfortable with.  However, over time, Netflix just isn’t cutting it for you anymore as you are feeling disconnected, lonely, and unfulfilled.  You also wake up each morning feeling anxious because the environment you work in is toxic and/or physically, mentally, or emotionally draining.  However, you remain in this environment because it is what you know and what you are comfortable with.  It is routine for you.  As a result, you become complacent.  You feel unhappy and stuck.

How to Grow Your Comfort Zone

It can be extremely challenging to grow your comfort zone.  Again, the fear of failure, rejection, and the unknown can all stand in the way of your drive to overcome complacency.  However, the following steps may help!

  1. Define what is causing you to be unhappy that you would like to change.  Is it an unfulfilling job, a toxic relationship you are in, or a group of friends that seem to be bringing you down?  Write down a list of possible things that you would like to change in your life.
  2. Problem solve.  Brainstorm what your options are.  Make sure to include ideas that have varying degrees of risk.  For example, leaving a job and going to school to begin a new career can be extremely risky especially if you have a family to support.  Having a conversation with a boss about some changes you are looking for is less risky.
  3. Weigh your options.  Write down a list of pros and cons for each option you listed.  Play each scenario out and predict the outcome for each option.
  4. Start off small.  Change can be overwhelming.  Start out by making small changes in your life.  If you are still feeling unhappy and stuck, it may be necessary to make bigger changes in your life.
  5. TAKE RISKS!  In order to grow your comfort zone, it is crucial to take risks.  The more risks you take, the more likely it is that you will fail.  However, if you choose not to take risks, your comfort zone will remain the same.  Therefore, you will remain unhappy and stuck.  Complacency will prevent you from progressing.  Make sure to check back soon for our next blog post!



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