Therapy Groups

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Parenting Support Group During A Pandemic (This group is closed)

** We will be running a parenting support group beginning the end of October.  This group will be 6 weeks and space is limited.  In this group, you will have the opportunity to talk with other parents who are going through the same challenges you are during the pandemic.  We will survey members who register for this group to determine topics of interest.  Some other topics that may be discussed include work/life balance, how to provide support for your children, parenting strategies during the pandemic, changes in socialization, & finding a healthy balance as a parent.  The clinician who will be running this group is Jennifer Cozzolino, LCSW. ***

Anxiety Educational Group (This group is closed)

** We will be running an anxiety educational group beginning September 24th.  This group will be 8 weeks and space is limited.  In this group, you will learn the biology behind anxiety as well as various ways of coping (ie: DBT, CBT, ACT methods).  The clinician who will be running the group is Alison Locklear, LCSW.  **

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